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MLA for River East
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Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen corrects blatantly false information put on the public record by River Heights Liberal MLA @DrJonGerrard youtu.be/eolF8ijuPms #mbpoli

Portage la Prairie MLA @Min_Wishart congratulates @StridePlace and the community of Portage la Prairie for hosting the 2018 Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Trials. youtu.be/hHcF74sO4kQ #mbpoli

St. Paul MLA @Min_Schuler congratulates the German Choir of Winnipeg on their 60th Anniversary. youtu.be/w0GxwYc-5lg #mbpoli

St. James MLA Scott Johnston salutes Mike Martyniuk of Mike's Place Barber Shop youtu.be/0avFevRwoxY #mbpoli

Infrastructure Minister @Min_Schuler celebrates National Aviation Week and the Manitoba Aviation Symposium. #mbpoli youtu.be/RNDoAJ7iA68

Sport, Culture and Heritage Minister @Min_CathyCox congratulates the @umbisons Women's Hockey Team on winning their first-ever National Championship. youtu.be/XlmPFnpt80A #mbpoli

Sustainable Development Minister @Min_Squires marks Canada Water Week, World Water Day, and the upcoming Earth Hour. youtu.be/kEiRJGpZAXw #mbpoli

Thank you for speaking for our team, Minister. We're all very proud of Rick Wowchuk's achievements! #mbpoli twitter.com/Min_CathyCox/s…

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